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Cooler Rental


Cooler rentalSmall or large size

Cooler, esky, chilly bin – this keeps your stuff cool.

  • Small cooler (75 x 30 x 25cm)
    Fits a BBQ pack, 4-6 beers, a bottle of wine/juice plus some extra small items.
  • Large cooler (100 x 30 x 30cm)
    Fits 2 BBQ meat packs, 6-8 beers, 2 bottles of wine/juice plus extra small items.


Your cooler will be set with ice for you on the first day. Pre-purchase extra buckets of ice for the coming days.


Available to TIG campground & cabana guests only

Cooler Rental

From: $ 100

Cooler, esky, chilly bin – keep your stuff cool.
Available to TIG campground & cabana guests only.

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