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Save Our Seas Conservation Day

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Help Save our Seas by joining with your family our Conservation Day @ The Beach
Saturday, May 26 at Pui O Beach (Lantau) from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Brought to you by Treasure Island Group with
The Mexican Chamber of Commerce and the Consulate General of Mexico in Hong Kong
The Save Our Seas Conservation Day @ The Beach seeks to increase awareness about the importance of the conservation of our oceans and the species that live in it. Help us highlight the role we all can play in preventing pollution, promoting sustainable fisheries, and protecting biodiversity.
The following activities will take place:
1.       Short presentation on environmental challenges and conservation efforts. We will highlight the contributions of private individuals and civil society organizations around the world.
2.       Wall painting. All are invited to paint a design made by Mexican artist Jaime Ruiz Martínez to continue promoting the efforts to save two critically endangered marine species in Mexico: the vaquita marina porpoise and the totoaba fish. Totoaba is illegally fished in Mexico because of the high demand for its maw in the south China region. The vaquita entangle in illegal gillnets and ghost nets.
3.       Beach cleaning, as part of the awareness campaign to free our oceans of plastic. Children will also be invited to participate in Junior Eco-Warrior activities.
Treasure Island will organize these activities and will provide a buffet lunch for all. A donation is needed to cover expenses. Remaining funds will be used for ghost net removal activities in Hong Kong. Hundreds of kilometres of fishing nets are abandoned by humans in the ocean every year, killing animals for decades before they disintegrate. The cost per participant is HKD 250 (HKD 150 per child under 15).
Treasure Island invites participants to stay the night and camp. Advance booking can be done here with payment via PayPal. The rental fee for a tent for 2 people is HKD 500, and for a family-size tent (4-6 people) is HKD 700. A HKD 500 security deposit is also needed. This includes a simple breakfast (coffee, tea, fruits, toast/croissant, butter and jam). For dinner, a simple beach bar style menu will be available for purchase. Check-out time on Sunday is 12pm.
The detailed schedule of activities is as follows:
Saturday, May 26
9am: Campsite check-in opens. Treasure Island is a short minibus ride away from Mui Wo (Lantau).
10am: SHORT PRESENTATION. We will focus on what we can do to help, and issues facing endangered species.
10:30am: WALL PAINTING SESSION 1. Everyone is invited to help paint the mural.
                   ACTIVITY SESSION 1 – JUNIOR ECO-WARRIORS SANDY SHORES (Children up 12 years old)
12:30pm: Buffet lunch      
2:00pm: WALL PAINTING SESSION 2.        
               ACTIVITY SESSION 2 – BEACH CLEAN-UP (Adults & Children)          
4:00pm: WALL PAINTING SESSION 3         
6:00pm:  End of Conservation Day     

How to get to Treasure Island

If you are coming from Tung Chung:

Bus – take the 3M from the Tung Chung Bus Depot. The stop to get off at is Lo Uk Tsuen and should cost $8.6 ($14.0 on Sundays and Public Holidays).

Taxi – take the Blue Lantau Taxi and ask to come Pui O Beach and the driver will take you right there.


If you are coming from Mui Wo:

Bus – take the 1 from the Bus Depot in front of the Ferry Pier. The stop to get off is at Sun Wai Tsuen and you can pay the exact amount of $3.2 ($5.0 on Sundays and Public Holidays).

Taxi – take the Blue Lantau Taxi and ask to come Pui O Beach and the driver will take you right there.


Once you have arrived in Pui O

1. If you have arrived by bus from Tung Chung: Head towards the school and cross the road

2. If you arrived by bus from Mui Wo: Continue walking down the road in the same direction the bus was heading and you will get to the school.

3. Once you have arrived at the school, turn and walk past the school towards the beach.

4. You will get to a fork in the road. Turn right and you will walk in between the playground and the basketball court. You will then head down the hill past the wetlands.

5. You will enter and carpark and ahead of you, you should see two white pillars in front of a tiled courtyard. Head to the courtyard and you have reached Treasure Island!

Save Our Seas Conservation Day

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