Microfibre Towel & Waterproof Drybag

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One for you, one for your stuff. This is a particularly good product for programmes heading off-site and doing water activities.

Regular towels are heavy, bulky and start to smell bad when they can’t dry completely. Microfibre towels absorb an astonishing amount, can be wrung out and immediately absorb again. They are small, light, and quick-drying.
Another challenge while camping is keeping sensitive or valuable stuff dry and sand-/dirt-free. Ziploc bags are an option, but can puncture.

Product details:

Towel dimensions: (40 X 80cm)
Absorbs X of water, can be wrung out and reused to absorb more immediately. Comes with a pouch and integrated loop for clipping onto pack for quick drying

Dry bag has a barrel shape, 6L capacity clip and can be worn over the shoulder or cross-body Tough, abrasion-resistant materials

You will get use out of both products after camp–as an emergency spare towel in a gym bag and for keeping mobile phones, keys, wallets and valuables dry and sand-free at the beach or picnic.


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Towel & Drybag

$ 250

Microfibre towel and dry bag.
Available to TIG programme participants only.