Do you have a child who loves camping, outdoor living and adventure pursuits? Are they in senior secondary school or older and looking to stand out from the crowd and seeking a personal challenge? Treasure Island’s Youth Leadership Training has several programmes that will allow your child to learn to lead others:

  • Youth Leader Training Camp is a 3D2N weekend programme for schools looking to provide Year 10-12 students with an introduction to leadership skills, first-aid and safety, games, briefing/debriefing, camp set-up/break down and reflection. Initially designed for schools with upper year students returning to serve as assistant leaders to lower year camps. This learning is transferable to wider school peer leadership and our camp is now used by some schools as stand-alone training. Students who complete the training are able to log their hours for action and service when they come to camp.
  • Summer Surf Camp Volunteers. Limited volunteer placements assisting TIG Surf Camp leaders are available during our summer Surf Camp from mid-June through mid-August. Students looking to fulfill their volunteer service requirements are welcome. Apply on our Careers page.
  • Internship. Considering the outdoors industry as a career? There are some opportunities available for a career in the outdoors by joining TIG as a Junior Leader Intern.
  • Gap year experience. Please contact us directly for about our Gap Year employment opportunities.
  • Certification courses. Need qualifications in technical activities, facilitation, First Aid, water safety and more? Visit our News & Training page.

Learning to lead: ACE!

Adventure + Community + Environment (ACE)

You’ll experience a whole-person approach to lifelong learning, “ACE,” from the other perspective: as an outdoor leader, rather than participant.

Adventure – Apply your experience to guide others in trying something new and pushing their boundaries!
Community – From group leading, to working alongside other peer leaders from around the world, help build relationships in our community.
Environment – Apply your knowledge to help others appreciate and care for the our natural playground and classroom.
Life skills
Empowerment & Responsibility – Develop awareness and judgment to do a good job with your group.
Creativity & Expression – Broaden your approaches to make it clear and fun for others
Reflection – Think back on how it went; adapt. Create clever ways for your group to do it.

  • Loved loved loved the surf instructors. Loved getting the ferry by himself. Surprisingly (to him) he enjoyed the lunches… Loved getting up on the surfboard straight away.

    - Surf Camp parent (2014)