Secondary School Camps

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Treasure Island secondary school camps for Year 7 through diploma are unforgettable fun, personal growth and team challenges through a progressive outdoor curriculum of adventure, community, creativity and environment in south Lantau’s beautiful outdoor classroom. Treasure Island days always include inquiry, problem-solving, action and reflection. From Year 7 through diploma:

  • Starting in Year 7, build upon Treasure Island primary school camp experiences and form bonds with new schoolmates.
  • Throughout secondary, progressively build on your skills and take on new challenges from year to year.
  • Upper year students travel to China for dynamic CAS excursions that using Treasure Island’s ACE approach
  • Youth Leadership training camp prepares upper year students for leadership roles at lower-year camps and at school throughout the year

Come challenge yourself with our qualified and motivating camp staff! TIG camps are an inclusive environment of respect and caring for self, others and nature led by dynamic positive role models.

Our outdoor classroom: ACE!

Adventure + Community + Environment (ACE)

You’ll experience a whole-person approach to lifelong learning through Treasure Island’s comprehensive ACE programme of outdoor activities.

Adventure – Try something new and exciting in nature’s playground! Sharing and living in a tent under the stars for the first time can be something new and exciting!
Community – Caring for self, others and the environment and the community that we live in! This includes helping others in service-oriented activities or just tidying up after meals and looking after your camp buddies.
Environment – Experience Hong Kong’s unique habitats and learn how to make a difference! How we camp is important: taking care of nature by reducing food waste and rubbish at camp and leave no trace on trails.

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