Our Difference



Safety is TIG’s top priority. We are committed to providing a safe learning environment for the participants with the highest duty of care when in the field. Learn more.

Progressive programming.

Students can return year after year to build upon previous skills and experiences, trying new and exciting activities that are structured to become progressively more demanding.

Individual attention.

Our camp groups are small, 1 Treasure Island leader per 15 students . We often hear about how closely groups bond, with every camper getting to know their leader over the duration of camp.

Educational orientation.

  • We are proud to support in-school learning in our outdoors classroom.
  • Experiential learning cycle
  • High quality instruction with defined learning objectives for our sessions
  • Familiarity with learner profiles, IB and CAS and connections to wider life skills


In addition to outdoor education expertise, Treasure Island has over 15 years’ experience with:
  • Religious and cultural needs of camps and schools
  • Dietary needs
  • Adaptive programmes – we will do out utmost to adapt to individual needs (physical, behavioural, etc.)


TIG programme leaders have been selected for their training, professional certifications and experience in outdoors instruction. Drawn from native English-speaking countries around the world, our staff bring a wealth of knowledge, diversity, practical expertise and enthusiasm to the camp. TIG runs regular in-house training to maintain and upgrade knowledge and skills.


  • Since 1996
  • Founded by ex-ESF teacher
  • Senior staff hold degrees, advanced degrees in Outdoor and Recreation Management, Environmental Education, advanced industry certifications and years of experience.

Professional full-service camp

  • We work with the school to develop the camp programme to meet your objectives
  • Transparent and supportive of school goals
  • Value-oriented
  • Full service – Treasure Island structures activities from breakfast through to bed time


  • Development of young people through volunteer opportunities, internships and early career positions
  • ACE