Treasure Island offers children and youth unforgettable fun, discovery and personal development through a series of Adventure, Community and Environmental programmes. Our recreation summer & spring camps are the only public programmes on offer that students from all different international schools and countries can join. Our Surf and Adventure camp is going on the 11th year and together we have 2 weeks during Easter holidays and 10 weeks during the summer surf season! Come try something new with our qualified and caring camp staff! TIG camps are inclusive and have a high value to respect and care for self, others and the environment!
Come try something new with qualified and caring camp staff! TIG camps are an inclusive, positive environment of respect and caring for self, others and nature.

  • Our twins were in the Adventure Camp last week and even though the weather was not the best they had a fantastic time. I think especially the camp over night was the highlight.

    - Surf camp parent