Adventure PartyOvernight 10-17 years old

What, you mean clowns and balloons are not your thing? Weeeelll, it’s not our thing either, really.
Give them an enduring adventure-sports overnight party instead! It’s a great party and a fun, exciting way to explore Lantau.

Included with the package is:

  • Choice between adventure sport activities such as gorging, hiking, surf/SUP, kayaking
  • One cabana room
  • Tents and overnight camping
  • BBQ Campfire dinner with S’mores
  • Night games
  • Qualified insturctors

Surfing is well suited for all ages of confident swimmers. Kayaking is suitable for 10 yrs old and up, due to the strength required to control the kayak. If you’re wondering “how hard is it?”… If you can get through gym class, you’ll be fine and having fun.

Maximum 12 participants


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Adventure Party

From: $ 18,000

Adventure, overnight camping, campfire BBQ & night games. Max. 12 participants