Kid’s Beach Party4 hours | 4-12 years old

Need to put on a party AND prefer to have the house still standing at the end of the day? That’s what we are here for!

Our 4-hour beach party will provide dry land beach games run by our excellent instructors, as well as party snacks and refreshments. The beach activities are ideal for groups of younger kids whose swimming abilities are very different (or not as strong). Everyone will have a blast! Oh yeah!

You are welcome to come earlier and stay later so everyone can enjoy themselves fully. Adults can relax and order A-la-carte in our Beach Club restaurant.

Included with the package is:

  • Beach games and activities -Beach Challenge, Wetlands Tour, Roman Catapult plus more to choose from!
  • Party snacks & refreshments


Time Sample itinerary
14:00 Arrive at Treasure Island
14:15 Welcome game and meet the instructor
14:30 Get ready for session
14:45 Activity 1
15:45 Water break
16:00 Activity 2
17:00 Rinse and change into clean clothes
17:15 Party snacks and birthday cake! (TIG provides French fries and sodas/hot chocolate)


Choose 2 activities from:
  1. Roman Catapult – The children will tie bamboo poles together to make a catapult. Once complete we will do some target practice and distance shooting. 
  2. Team games – We will split the children into smaller groups, these will then compete against each other to complete challenges.  
  3. Tracking – The children will learn how to place a trail using sticks, stones, grass, and rocks. They will then split into 2 teams, placing the trail for the other team to follow.  
  4. Survival skills – The children will learn about survival; they will build a shelter and try to light a fire!  
  5. Game of life – Be prepared to get MUDDY!!! A large tag style game in the wetlands, surrounded by the wet muddy wallows.  
  6. Wetlands and buffalo – A tour of Pui O wetlands, learning lots of facts about the buffalo, birds, and plants that can be found here.  
  7. Sandy Shores – We take the children for a walk on the beach looking at the landscape and the animals that live here, learning about the tides, crabs, clams etc. 
  8. Adventure challenge – An obstacle course with team puzzles and activities that give the group points. To try and beat the other team


$250 per guest over 16 guests.

For groups larger than 30 guests please contact us directly

You will receive a final confirmation email when the booking is completed.
We will also contact you to finalise details.

Cancellation Policy

  1. Cancellation advised more than 72 hours prior to the booking will be charged 10% cancellation fee unless a reschedule date is agreed.
  2. Cancellations advised less than 72 hours will be charged 30% cancellation fee unless a reschedule date is agreed. 
  3. Each booking can have 1 re-schedule FREE of charge per booking.
  4. If you cancel your booking 24 hours or less full payment will be charged. No re-scheduling permitted.
  5. No show – no refund.
  6. All cancellations and re-scheduled bookings need to be advised by email and confirmed by TIG. Please email to
  7. In case of Typhoon 8 or Black rain signal no refund will be issued, however a re-schedule day is permitted.



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Kid’s Beach Party

From: $ 6,000

Kids’ beach theme party for 4-12 yr olds.
Games, party snacks and fun.