Safety & Risk Management

Safety & Risk Management

Safety is TIG’s top priority.  We are committed to providing a safe learning environment for the participants with the highest duty of care when in the field.  We use a structured approach that takes into account risk assessment and management, educational objectives, fun and engagement and when developing programmes and choosing appropriate activities for each year.  Treasure Island is committed to consistently redefining and evaluating our operating procedures to ensure that our risk management is at the industry standard or better.

  • TIG is compliant with British Standard 8848 -the specification for the provision of visits, fieldwork, expeditions and adventurous activities, outside the United Kingdom. This conformity has been verified through external assessment.
  • The TIG leader:participant safety ratio is 1:15 for general camp activities and 1:8 for technical components
  • TIG leaders are all certified First Aid responders
  • Activities have had risk assessments and risk mitigation procedures put into place
  • TIG leaders are trained and assessed as competent for the activities they lead
  • TIG has a private campsite and can arrange private overnight security personnel
  • TIG maintains appropriate insurance policies with respect to its activities

TIG Staff Qualifications & Training

TIG programme leaders have been selected for their training, professional certifications and experience in outdoors instruction.  Senior staff hold degrees, advanced degrees in Outdoor and Recreation Management, Environmental Education, advanced industry certifications and years of experience.  Our combined staff offers expertise and certification in following areas:

  • Advanced specialist First Aid: Wilderness First Aid, Pre-Hospital Emergency Care
  • Internationally-recognised technical adventure training: rock climbing, kayaking, surfing, hiking, etc.
  • Water safety qualifications: life guarding, swift water rescue, etc.
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Learner-driven outdoor/adventure and environmental education
  • Group initiatives, teambuilding and facilitation as well as community service initiatives

Drawn from native English-speaking countries around the world, our staff bring a wealth of knowledge, diversity, practical expertise and enthusiasm to the camp.  TIG runs regular in-house training to maintain and upgrade knowledge and skills.

Safety is a shared responsibility.  A safety system only works with your cooperation.
It works best when we all help to keep ourselves, students and colleagues safe.